We are proud to offer medical education in all major therapy areas.


Virtual video patient cases, educational webinars, congress summaries, and workshop patient cases have helped healthcare professionals come to trust our scientific and clinical credentials, making our learning activities an important choice for online medical education.


Virtual video patient cases

HCPs can practice clinical decision making with these video patient case study modules. Follow a series of simple to complex patients where doctors decide on the best way to manage them. HCPs can find out if leading experts agree with their choices by receiving feedback via on-demand video.


Virtual webinars & Congress summaries

These moderator/speaker-style directed activities are designed to educate healthcare professionals on the clinical benefits associated with the latest science driving new thinking in medicine. On-demand attendees will not only improve their knowledge of novel treatment approaches but also leave these virtual webinar activities with the confidence and intent to apply state-of-the-art treatment strategies to care for their patients.


Virtual workshop patient cases

On-demand interactive meetings are designed with renowned experts as moderators. These pre-recorded activities are aimed at healthcare professionals with an interest in keeping up to date with the latest scientific developments, evidence-based medicine, and clinical guidelines through interactive patient cases with real-time assessments and results.


Podcast cases

Both video and audio podcasts augment the outcomes of learning in patient case formats. The content design of the podcasts in which learners are involved, as well as the feedback learners get on patient case modules, are key factors for successful transfer of knowledge.




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